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Tips - Totkay (Totkey)

Cooking Tips

Make a soft fluffy omelet (NEW) :

Heat a non-stick pan and add a little more butter than usual. Now beat the egg and stir briskly (even while frying) with a fork. This way more air goes in your omelet, making it light and fluffy. Fry till done and serve hot."

Prevent onions from burning, frying (NEW) :

Add a little milk to onions while frying, this will help retain a rich colour and prevent them from burning."

Cook pulses like chana etc. (NEW) :

Even if you have forgotten to soak them overnight. Just put the chana in a flask full of boiling water for an hour. They are ready for cooking."

Okra will not stick to the vessel (NEW) :

Adding a spoonful of curd to the Okra while cooking while ensure that they do not stick to the vessel or turn black."

To remove excess oil in any fried vegetables (NEW) :

Sprinkle a little gram flour over the vegetables. Gram flour absorbs the excess oil and makes the vegetable tastier."

Avoid sticky rice :

Add a few drops of lemon juice & a pinch of sugar to the rice while cooking."

Brown onions faster :

Onions will brown faster if 1/2 teaspoon of salt is added to the onions while frying."

Crisp dosas :

To make dosas more crisp, add half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to the lentil and rice mixture while soaking."

Crisp onions better :

Onions will turn out crispier if soaked in milk for a little while before frying."

Crisp pakodas :

Add a little corn flour to the gram flour while mixing the dough."

Crispy lady finger (okra) :

While cooking add a few drops of lemon juice OR a spoonful of curd to the ladyfingers for a crispy taste."

Easy garlic skin removal :

Garlic skin comes off easily if the garlic flakes are warmed a little before peeling."

Fluffier idlies :

Never beat idli batter too much because the air which has already incorporated during fermentation is lost."

Fluffier idlies (another way) :

While grinding rice for idlis, add 1/5 quantity of soaked flaked rice (poha)."

Perfect rice :

Add a few drops of lemon juice and 1/2 tsp. ghee while cooking rice to make the it whiter and keep the grain unbroken."

Potato cutlets :

For better salt absorption, add it to the water in which the potato are boiling."

Prevent egg smell in cakes :

To get rid of the smell of eggs in the cakes, add one tablespoon honey to the cake batter while beating it."

Removing fat from soups :

Fat can be easily removed from hot soup by floating a large lettuce leaf on the surface."

Safe cooking with oil :

Sometimes hot oil starts foaming and starts rising in the pan. Dissipate the foam to avoid this situation by adding a marble sized ball of tamarind to the oil."

Salty soup fix :

Place a raw potato in the bowl & it will absorb the extra salt."


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