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Personal Hair Advisor - Hair Care Tips

Personal Hair Advisor:

Mature Hairstyles As you mature, your hair should too. The style you wore in your 20s may not be as flattering as you near 50 because your beauty assets may have changed (hair color, texture, face shape, etc.). That said, you still want to feel beautiful and comfortable with your look. If your hair is more than 40 percent gray and you are coloring it, I recommend going natural again. Gray hair doesn't have to mean "granny." In fact, it can be quite striking, and it is chic right now.

Once your hair is all-over gray, it's important to have a cutting edge style. A chin-length cut is elegant with gray hair. I don't recommend letting your hair get too long. The coarser texture of gray hair makes long locks more difficult to maintain. Also, once your hair gets to a certain length, the ends can begin to yellow because of the effect of free radicals on gray hair. White or gray hair is sensitive, so be careful what products you use. Many gentle shampoos and conditioners on the market today are formulated specifically for gray hair.

If you are going to color your hair, don't go too light. Many women over highlight their hair as they get older and end up with a "frosted" look. You want your skin to glow, and a light shade will only wash out your complexion and dull your features. A deeper color with a subtle golden tint is much more flattering, especially as you get older.

If you decide to keep your hair long, commit to keeping it healthy. Avoid over-processing and get regular trims. A blunt, all one length cut can weigh down your face so use long layers to soften your look and create movement. Experiment with hair accessories and various up-dos. Pulling your hair back into a low ponytail or chignon is a classic look at any age.

Source: Unknown

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