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Hotels in Pakistan.

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Hotels Restaurants in Peshawar, Pakistan.
Abasin Hotel Khyber Bazaar . Ph: 214818
Green's Hotel Saddar Road. Ph: 273604.2743
Hotel North West Near Firdos Cinema city. Ph: 215881
Rose Hotel  Khyber Bazaar . Ph: 250755
Hotel Galaxy Near Firdos Cinema city. Ph: 218221
Hotel Pearl Continental K haber Road. Ph: 276361-69
Hotel Spogmay Namak Mandi city. Ph: 213255
Hotel Grand  University Road. Ph: 844363-7
Khani's Hotel Saddar Road. Ph: 277513
Shehzad Hotel Saddar Road. Ph: 275741
Shehzad Hotel Saddar Road. Ph: 275741
New Golden Hotel Saddar Road. Ph: 276778
Park Inn jHotel Khyber Bazaar . Ph: 2560048
Sindbad Hotel Saddar Road. Ph: 275020
Amin Hotel G.T Road city. Ph: 216215
Hotel Shiraz Inn University Road.
Tourist Inn Motel G.T Road city. Ph: 279156
Khan's Klub New Rampura Gate city. Ph: 214802
Three Star Hotel G.T Road city. Ph: 218160
Zabel Palace Hotel G.T Road city. Ph: 218236--8
Shelton House Old Jamrud Road University Town. Ph: 842027
Regent Guest House Old Jamrud Road University Town. Ph: 840670
VIP Guest House Old Bara Road University Town. Ph: 842806
Decent Lodge S.J Afghani Road University Town. Ph: 840229
Saddaf Guest House Chinar Road University Town. Ph: 44806
Youth Hostel Blick B-1 Plot No.37 Phase V.  
Green's Hotel Restaurant, Saddar Road.
Marcopolo Restaurant Hotel P.C.
Taipan Chinese Restaurant Hotel P.C.
Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam.
Shiraz Restaurant University Road.
Hotel Salatin Pak Restaurant Cinema Road city.
Chief Burger University Road.
 Tikala Restaurant Army Stadium,Khyber Road.
Usmania Restaurant, University Road.


To Find Hotels in other cities of Pakistan.

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