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Following Cities of Pakistan have Airport.
Place Code Airport Airlines Operating
Karachi KHI Quid-e-Azam Intl: All Major Airlines of the World.
Lahore LHR Lahore Intl: PIA, Shaheen , Aero Asia , Bhoja , Thai
Islamabad ISB Islamabad Intl: PIA , Shaheen , Aero Asia , Bhoja , British Airways
Peshawar PEW Peshawar Intl : PIA , Shaheen , Aero Asia , Bhoja
Quetta UET Quetta Intl: PIA
Multan MUX Multan Intl: PIA , Aero Asia
Faisalabad LYP Faisalabad PIA , Aero asia
Banu BAN Banu PIA
D.I. Khan DIK D.I. Khan PIA
D.G Khan   D.G. Khan PIA
Moen-Jo-Daro MJD Moen-Jo-Daro Intl: PIA
Sukkur SKZ Sukkur PIA
Nawabshah VNS Nawabshah PIA
Hyderabad HYD Hyderabad PIA
Sehwan SEH Sehwan PIA
Rahim Yar Khan RYK Rahim Yar Khan PIA
Bahawalpur BHW Bahawalpur PIA
Dera Ghazi Khan   DG KHan PIA
Pasni   Pasni PIA , Aero Asia
Gawadar   Gawadar PIA
Jewni   Jewni PIA
Ormara   Ormara PIA
Khuzdar   Khuzdar PIA
Punjgur   Punjgur PIA
Turbat   Turbat PIA
Parachinar   Parachinaar PIA
Dalbandain   Dalbandain PIA
Sui   Sui PIA
Sindhri   Mirpurkhas  
Zhob   Zhob PIA
Gilgit GLT Gilgit PIA
Skardu KDU Skardu PIA
Chitral CJL Chitral PIA
Swat SDT Saidu Sharief PIA
Muzafarabad   Muzafarabad PIA
Rawalakot   Rawalakot PIA

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