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Here is a list of all the International Air lines operating in Pakistan along with the contact informaion.
Air Lines City Address Phone
American Airlines Karachi 11-Avari Plaza,Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi-75530 5676570-5676567
Asiana Airlines Lahore National Towers,Egerton Road 6301029-6303503-6361131
Austrian Airlines Karachi 24-Hotel Metropole,Abdullah Haroon Road 5215633
Bangladesh Airlines (Biman) Karachi 13-Avari Plaza,Sharae Faisal 5210069-5214103
British Airlines Islamabad 10 Choudhary Plaza, Block 51 Fazal-ul-Haq Road 273081-83
Bulgarian Airlines (Balkan) Karachi Bridge Apptt.Shopping Arcade-4,Main Clifton Road Karachi-75530 5677696-5215313-5215314
Canadian Airlines International Karachi 11-Avari Plaza,Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi-75530 5676570-5676567-5673386
Cathay Pacific Karachi Hotel Metropole,
Club Road Karachi.
  Lahore 23 Amphress Ali Complex. Lahore 6312186-7
Islamabad 14th Shaheed Plaza F/6, Blow Area Nizam-ud-din Road. Islambad. 2821936-2821947
China Airlines Taipei Taiwan Karachi KASHMIR CORPORATION (PVT) LTD.,Strachen Road Karachi-74200 5684038-5680620-5687834
China Airlines Lahore National Towers,Egerton Road 6301029-6303503-6361131
China Xinjiang Airlines Islamabad Shop #3,Sohrab Plaza,Blue Area 2273447-2273446
Continental Airlines Inc. Karachi C/o Virgin Aviation (Pvt) LTD., 4,Services Club,Merewether Rd. 5217613
  Islamabad C/o Virgin Aviation (Pvt) Ltd.,5-6 Shop,80-West Malik Plaza,Blue Area  
  Lahore C/o Virgin Aviation (Pvt) Ltd.,Ali Complex 6312183-6312136
Czech Airlines Karachi c/o INTERGLOBE COMMERCE,1,Shafiq Plaza,Sarwar Shaheed Road Karachi-74200 5680008-5683337
Delta Airlines Karachi GSA-Paramount Aviation Pvt Ltd,#34,Hotel Metropole Building,Mereweather Road Karachi-75522 5683901-5683900-5684101
Eastern Airlines Karachi 34-Hotel Metropole,Mereweather Road 5660153-5660145
Emirates Airlines Multan 1717,Kutchery Road 513737
  Islamabad 2-C,Mohammadi Plaza,Blue Area,Jinnah Avenue 2279999
  Karachi 265,R.A.Lines,Sarwar Shaheed Road Karachi-74200 5683377-5687070-5684860
  Peshawar 95-B,Sadar Road 274283-275912-273744
  Lahore Regent House,3-Imtiaz Plaza,The Mall 6368598-6368596-6360280-6360281
Ethiopian Airlines Karachi GSA:Trade Wind Associates,Hotel Metropole 5211779-5211349
Indian Airlines Lahore Ambassador Centre,Davis Road 6360014
  Karachi G-3/B,Court View Apartments,Court Road 5682035-5681577
Lufthansa   Islamabad 12 Mezz, Beverly Center, Blue Area    
Lufthansa German Airlines Karachi 5022,5th Floor,Jinnah Terminal,Quaid-e-Azam Int'l Airport 4589991-4571271-4571096-4571283
  Rawalpindi Hotel Marriot 826121
Malaysian Airlines Islamabad 4,Shahid Plaza,Sector F-6/G-6,Blue Area 2273385-2273382
  Lahore PIA Towers,Egerton Road 6365055-6305100
Malev Hungarian Airlines Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel 5681291-5681290
Northwest Airlines Inc. Karachi Gerrys International (Pvt) Ltd,1 & 2 Lotia Building,A. Haroon Road  5686319-5683274
Philippine Airlines Karachi 34-Hotel Metropole,Mereweather Road 5215856-5215851-5215853-5215852
  Lahore National Towers,Egerton Road 6309927
Royal Airlines (PVT) LTD. Islamabad 281-E/7,Gomal Road 2821881
  Lahore 4-E/2,Gulberg-III 5715785-5711979
Royal Brunet Airlines Lahore National Towers,Egerton Road 6301029-6303503-6361131
   Karachi PAK TURK ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD,Avenue Centre,Strachen Road Karachi-74200 5685922-5685487
Royal Jordanian Airlines Karachi Hotel Metropole,Mereweather Road Karachi-75520 5660460-5660458-5660459-5660440
Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation Karachi Services Club Building,Near Hotel Metropole 5676480
Saudi Airlines Islamabad 52 West Modern Plaza Jinnah Avenue Blue Area 9210128 270131
  Islamabad Islamabad Airport 590455-56
  Lahore GSA-Paramount Aviation Pvt Ltd,2-Amin Arcade,Ambassador Hotel,Durand Road 6302662-6302661
Saudi Arabian Airlines Islamabad 52 Modern Plaza,Blue Area,Shahrah-e-Azam 2270165-2820608
   Karachi 5th Floor,Al-Sehat Centre,Rafiqi Shaheed Road,Shahrah-e-Faisal 5682525
  Hyderabad GSA Pak Arab Enterprises,Thandisark 20768-20202
  Faisalabad GSA Southern Travel (Pvt) Ltd. 617827-27231
  Lahore Hotel,56,Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam 6305414-6305411-6305412-6305413
Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS) Karachi Hotel Metropole,Club Road 5215893-5215897
Singapore Airlines Karachi 2&3,Services Club Ext.Building,Mereweather Road Karachi-75530 5660334-5660330-5683020-5671072
  Lahore Ali Complex,23 Empress Road 6307420-6307418-6307419
   Islamabad Hotel Holiday Inn,Civic Centre 2827907-2821555-813408-2827311
Sri Lankan Airlines Karachi 7,Services Club,Ext. Building,Mereweather Road Karachi-75530 5214421-5214428
   Swissair Karachi    Hotel Metropole Karachi 75520 5684643
Syrian Arab Airlines Islamabad #2,89 Bilal Plaza,Blue Area,Jinnah Avenue 2274525-2276275
  Lahore 3-Amin Arcade,Hotel Ambassador,Durand Road 6301865-6301861
  Karachi 6-Club Road 5685820-5684037
Trans World Airlines (TWA) Karachi Hotel Metropole 5211779-5211349
Turkish Airlines Islamabad 64/E,Jinnah Avenue,Blue Area 2277595-2277599
  Karachi Avenue Centre,Strachen Road 5670069
  Lahore National Towers,Egerton Road 6301029-6303503-6361131-6315208
Turkemnistan Airlines Karachi Regent Plaza Hotel,Shahrah-e-Faisal 5213941
United Airlines Karachi 14,Hotel Metropole,Abdullah Haroon Road 5684732-5684731
Air Parade  Islamabad C/o GSA Val Enterprises,2 Kulsum Plaza,42 Jinnah Ave. 2277480-2277487
  Lahore Empress House,28-Empress Road 6363774-6369265
Yugoslav Airlines Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel,Club Road 5680647-5689679
For the Domestic AirLines Click here


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