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Advertise on World Wide Web:

  • The Internet has emerged as an important medium for advertising, direct marketing, communication and electronic commerce. Rapid expansion of the Internet user base and the unique advantages of Internet advertising have spurred businesses to devote larger portions of their marketing budgets to Internet marketing.

  • Advertising on the Web is fundamentally different from advertising on other media. The ability to target and interact with your customers on the Web brings an entirely new edge to marketing. The NicePakistan.com offers the best of the Web – audience, desirable demographics, superior content, and flexible ad programs designed to get you results.

Banner Ads

By placing an advertising banner on NicePakistan.com you are encouraging visitors to your site in a cost-effective way. You are also getting name recognition. You may then provide information and services to visitors. NicePakistan.com offer fixed/rotating, ad banners throughout this website, delivering advertising to a high valued, highly targeted audience. A click on your banner provides our viewers with a direct link to your products and services, or company website, while also providing brand or service name attention.

Our Advertising Affiliate Program - You get 15%

Do you know anyone that would be interested in advertising/banners with NicePakistan.com? Tell them about our advertising services, and we'll pay you 15% of every transaction that advertiser purchases!

Why should my company advertise on the World Wide Web?

It is an attractive and inexpensive advertising medium. Your company's service or product is advertised, globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays and weekends. Internet advertising is multi-layered. You can include photographs, maps, lists, financial information and graphs, brand advertising, as well as other product information.
Electronic advertising can be updated regularly. Your customers can make contact with you directly and interactively. As well, your advertising can be suited to a wide variety of demands and to a particular diverse population. When was the last time your company could change advertising campaigns on-the-fly? You may change your banner or advertising campaign within 3 business days at NicePakistan.com.

Restrictions :

NicePakistan.com reserves the right to refuse any Banner Ad request, or to cancel the Banner Ad that does not fulfill the obligations set in the contract.

NicePakistan.com does not accept Banner Ad requests from organizations selling products or services related to pornography.

We accept GIF/JPG banners maximum file size 25 KB, our inhouse design team can design suitable banner for you at a very nominal cost.

For your specific banner requirements, please contact us at advertise@nicepakistan.com mentioning "banners" in the Subjectline.

How to Contact Us?

Email us at advertise@nicepakistan.com mentioning "banners" in the Subjectline, and describing clearly all your advertising banner needs.


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